First Wesleyan Church
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Core Values


Our mission is to produce passionate, fully devoted followers of Christ.



1- TO BE A GOD CENTERED CHURCH & PEOPLE: we will strive constantly to keep God center staged in everything we do; as the object of our worship, in our daily pursuit to obey His commands, seek His will and to bring Him all glory.

2- TO BE BIBLICALLY BASED:  we believe the Bible in the inspired and infallible Word of God, from God,  and all teaching will be Biblically centered and pure. We will teach it respectfully, with relevance to the hearer and be practical in application.

3- TO BE A PRAYING CHURCH & PEOPLE: we believe in the need and the power of prayer, and stress that every Believer have a daily time of prayer. We will also be intercessors, praying for the needs of others.

4- TO PROVIDE COMMUNITY: A PLACE TO BELONG:  we believe that all people matter to God, and they should matter to us. We will seek to love and accept all who come to our church regardless of race, background, beliefs, abilities or social status. We will seek to love each other, treat each other as we desire to be treated, encourage and support one another as we each follow Christ.

5- DISCIPLESHIP: GROWING & MAKING DISCIPLES: the goal of every Believer is to pursue Christ and learn to imitate His life on earth, Through study and application we seek to become passionate, fully devoted followers of Christ, who live as witnesses of Christ to those around us, sharing with them the path of salvation and the truths of His Word so that they to become followers of Christ.


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