First Wesleyan Church
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First Visit



   First, Thank you for considering our church!   We know it's not easy choosing a church.  So here's a few things to expect on our end  so you know what you're getting into!

-Worship Service starts at 10:30am and ends around 11:30 am

-Our Music Style is "Blended Worship"   (contemporary & traditional mix)

-Children's Church & Nursery Is Provided 

-Family Worship (all ages)  is the last Sunday of each month

-We do not "speak in tongues"

-Service:  Prayer,  Music  & Preaching  (No Liturgy)



-Dress Code:  Wear Clothes!  We have a mix of suits, jeans & Tee's and all in between

-Bible Used:  Pastor preaches from the NIV translation but our folks use several

different translations.

-No Reserved Seats!  Grab the spot of your choice.

-Parking:  You can park on street in front of the church or parking lot in rear

-Handicap Assessibility:  Please enter through front entrance.  Park in front or on the side

next to the handicap ramp.

-Relax & Enjoy!


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